Saturday, August 15, 2015

I miss my BLOG!

Let's face it.
Change sucks.
And I miss my blog.
No. I miss the people who followed me. The friends who would stop in and comment on a post. I miss the hopping I'd do once a week, to visit the people on my blog readerfeed thingy.

I'm tired of trying to figure out the best way to get people to see my FB posts. Twitter is a fun place and I like interacting with other authors, editors, and agents there, but it's not like what I had here... And the webpage is gorgeous. If you haven't been there, you really must. I love it. But the blog is tucked away and unless I post a gazillion social media links trying to get people to go there... Nada.

Things change. Even here, near the end, blogging had morphed. Less and less comments, fewer people reading. What does that mean? Is it a sign to move on? Or do we stick it out?

I don't know. It's hard to keep going when there are a gazillion other things to do. Kids, writing, editing, real life--i.e. bible study, school volunteering, housework, showers, and bathroom time [hahaha].

The truth is...

I. NEED. TO. WRITE! That's really all I want to do.

I understand the world we live in demands our attention. The publishing industry expects authors to carry the burden of promotion. Readers WANT to know. Heck, we wanted to know twenty years ago, we just didn't have the access!

Pretend to have a plan. I feel like that is the only answer. The plan may be ever-changing, a sort of living thing that we continually adjust, but it's there, telling us what works best and how to fulfill the needs of our career.

So, here I go to get some editing done on the book I'm publishing in December. <3 Yay! Outside the Lines... like how I color and sometimes live my life.

Maybe we'll catch up over here for a while.
Have a great week.
With Love,


  1. You're hitting the nail on the head with this post!

    I've been having the same thoughts. I used to do three blogs, now one can be a chore. I can't remember the last time someone new followed my blog. Trying to take care of aging parents, go to work, fix up the house, and then, maybe, get a bit of writing done - it's not the way I had things planned. Top that off with small publishers who think giving you an update is a major sacrifice on their part, well, it can be discouraging.

    And I'm guilty of not taking the time to read and comment on other's blogs - especially those who have helped me get to where I am, like you.

    Maybe a plan for each day will work. I'll wake up and figure out what I need to do for this day to get to where I want to be!

    Anyway, I will try to stay in touch!

    1. We are in the same boat, Kevin. And forget small publishers who can't take the time to send an email... ugh. And then when you ask them to, they act like defensive teenagers. :P Boo. I'm done with that. :( It's a sad day when writers think they know how to run a professional business. But they're missing something...and eventually what they're missing is going to be writers giving them books to publish! Because no one will want to!


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